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Why does my son need the HPV vaccine?

Updated: Jan 2

The human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine protects boys against the HPV infections that can cause cancers of the anus, penis, and mouth/throat in men. Plus, when boys are vaccinated, they are less likely to spread HPV to their current and future partners.

HPV is very common: nearly one in four Americans are infected. By getting HPV vaccine at the recommended age—between 9 and 12 years old—boys and girls get the best protection against HPV cancers. 

Take advantage of any doctor's visitcheckups, sick visits, physicals for sports or school activities—to get your child protected from HPV cancers. Even if the doctor doesn't mention HPV vaccine, be sure to ask about getting it for your child at that appointment.

If your son or daughter is older than 12: if your teen or young adult has not started or finished the series of HPV vaccine shots, it's not too late! Make an appointment with their doctor as soon as possible to complete the series.

Protecting your son now gives him the best shot at preventing these cancers in his future!

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